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    2 years ago

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Looking Back

Someone asked a good question of me the other day.  Where are we going with this FemDom thing.  In truth, I don't think of it as FemDom first.  I just see things as I control what goes on inside the house.  My husband is my husband and he is naive in some ways and needs my guidance on certain things.  I also know he is probably kinkier than me.  This is part of the reason that the cage is such a good thing.  Not that he would do anything but with it on, I don't need to wonder what is going on when he is away for a long time for work or with friends. 

So where is this going?  First, I think it is going toward a stronger marriage.  Those who have read it all year know of some of the challenges we have had to deal with.  I think we are the strongest of anytime in our marriage.  We are both hornier toward each other too.  Maybe that is because we are both settling in to roles that we are both more comfortable with.  Second, we are cleaning up our eating act to get more fit.  I want both of us to be smoking hot for our ages.  I won't spend hours in the gym but we will get really fit.  Also, we are exploring and trying new things.  What that means exactly will be proven out in time.  If you think about it, my controls with him have increased - he is now on a diet that I run; he is wearing clothes that I have more of a say in; around the house he is taking my lead more.  As for me, I am less interested in the material things although I would love an iPad.

Well, I'm sure there is more but these are the big pieces without talking about something specific like we will use this sex toy or do this sex thing.  Those things will just evolve as we grow as a couple open to more exploration of our interests and marriage.  Along these lines, I know so many of you want what we have.  I am serious when I say to share this blog with your other half.  Remember, I didn't start wanting to do all these things.  My Catholic raising led me to think that these things should be suppressed.  As I went into things a little further and further, I gained confidence and found that this was something I wanted that my husband craved too.  Be brave and somehow start the conversations.  Be slow in bringing it up.  Just talk about the adventures of us as well as a few others on here who blog like this.  Life is short - make yourself happy.

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