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    2 years ago

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lunch Break

Read my husband's blog if you have time.  I will tell you what really happened.  I was at home watching the news on Egypt and using Facebook when he came home for lunch.  As I didn't get up to make it in about 10 minutes, he said he would make it.  I said 'no', wait for me.  Well, he pressed it so in about 2 minutes it was made.  I decided to tease him with words for a little bit which he thought I meant sex.  Nope.  Anyhow, I didn't mind the leg rub but going further was not in my mood.  So he hangs around another 45 minutes trying to get me to do something which now there is no chance I will.  As he gets ready to go, I tease his nipples through his shirt and give him a 'fuck me' erotic kiss.  So then he unbuttons his shirt!  Who is in charge here?  So I go for it, rub him a few time and then twist the shit out of them.  I did it over and over and harder and harder to make a point.  First, I enjoy seeing him squirm.  Second, I am the one who decides when and how we do things.

Tonight, I made his exact portions for dinner.  After, when he came over, I gave him a kiss, reached under his sweat shirt and twisted the nipple really hard again.  Sadly, today had to be some education for him.  Maybe he will understand better for the future.

PS: As for Egypt, that cocksucker Mubarak has to go.  I wish the Cubans had the balls to do what the Egyptians are doing in the face of the evil dictator.  I pray for their safety.

Here is a great song by Rinôçérôse called "Bitch".  They are a duo from France - the woman bass player and the man in white.  Why they aren't popular here says bad things about America.  Europe is hip to quality music.  The guest singer on this one is a bit flamboyant.

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