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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Recap and Thinking about the Poll

I hope everyone had a nice holiday.  Ours was great.  When I get a chance, I will show you the necklace my husband bought me.  It had keys and hearts all over it.  Given what we have done this year, that seems appropriate.

After presents in the morning, we got ready for some close friends coming over for dinner.  Instead of the traditional turkey, ham or lamb, we had surf and turf.  My husband surprised me with his cooking skills.  As it was so unique, I won't post it hear (I saw he posted what he made on Facebook to his 400 "friends"). The short version is he made a soup and desert - both unique and something we will have many times in the future.  Friends bought things to drink and gifts.  In all, we had a wonderful time.

We will see about alone time in the not too near future.  I would like to say sooner but it is tough to get alone time with a child at home.  Hopefully, she will do a play date with a friend.  This is my last week where he isn't working - after that he is back at it full-time.  While I will miss having him around, it is good for our finances and his attitude to have a steady income.

What else?  Maybe I will have him paint my toes in anticipation of the photo shoot.  Right now that is neck and neck with using the strap-on on him.  He will be getting both but the outcome of the poll will probably determine which happens first.  I'm absolutely shocked that the cuckold choice is getting so many votes.  I think we have a ways to go before I start doing that - if I ever do.  It is funny though that people online who are much more knowledgable than me say that at some point it will be the natural progression of the relationship to involve others.  I still don't see it but then again I didn't see more than half of what we are doing a year ago.  In fact, I didn't see any of this.

For those of you wanting this with your other half, it can happen.  Look at us...and it all happened in less than a year.


Weave said...

Merry Xmas! And thanks, again, for your tales and encouraging example!

I voted for the strap-on... do you have one, or planning a purchase?
(Interested in your thoughts, as I want to get Wife one here.)

Yesterday, I too was cooking. Wife put apron on me for first time. Small, but interesting step. When she told the family she had, I was shocked at dinner, I gotta say!!

Thanks again!

KeyholderWife said...

A very nice follower of the blog sent me a strap on. The cock part is hollow so either of us can use it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to both of you for your generous blogs. I appreciate your openess to sharing your feelings and experiences. It's been exciting to watch your relationship in chastity grow and to see the way it has brought both of you together into an even stronger bond. My wife and I have been experimenting slowly with it--off and on over the last year and a half, and I'm hoping our experiences evolve in as positive and healthy a direction as yours. I'm sure that your blog has helped many women out there trying to sort through fears on the subject. One of these days, I hope I can convince my wife to read your blog. My wife still has a lot of hesitation and fear, but like you, I'm surprised by how far my wife and I have come in our experiments this last year. Merry Christmas.