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    2 years ago

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Fun having him Caged

I don't know why but just having him in the cage is a turn-on to me.  I love teasing him when I know there is nothing he can do about it.  I'm not sure why this is so erotic to me but it is.  I had so much fun teasing him today.  I kissed him all the time.  I twisted and tormented his nipples.  I got him excited and straining in the cage.  I love that he allows me to do all of this without complaint.  I don't know if many men would allow for this total control of their orgasms and having them wear the cage 24/7...which I didn't do much recently because of all the skin tears down there.

Anyhow, he seems to be reacting very nicely to my touches.  He must like my control and the way this turns me on too.  I know he does as you all do given all we have written on here.

Short post but I want to try and get more on here and not make it so long without refreshes.  He hasn't posted in a while but I expect him to tomorrow.  I am looking forward to his posts on the things of the last week.


Waiting said...

I'm sure that there are many men who would love to have their wife treat them as you do your husband. Tease and denial are a wonderful thing a married couple can do . It can be done whenever the wife decides, for any amount of time and bring him as close as to cumming as she desires. My wife teases me every day and denies me for 8 weeks at a time. My cock is always ready to explode, just the way she likes it she says. She rubs me thru my panties every morning, and at bedtime, after I bring her to several orgasms, she plays with me until I am at the edge. Of course I am left in that state, and then we go to sleep. I am not locked up anymore, she felt it was an artificial control, and says if we are going to have a WLM, then I should do what she tells me, and that is "no cumming without permission". I have not masturbated in over 2 years now, and feel if I do it would be like cheating on her. Plus I would have to tell her and that would result in some very intense punishments she has said. Plus I would have to wait for 6 months to cum. Not worth it, she is the boss!!

sub2wife said...

my Wife believes in the total security of being locked, for both of us it is that next level. i love the fact that She has total control over my cock not just the orgasms. i am routinely locked up for 4-6 months, must service Her orally 5-8 times a day, and She has various ways of teasing and arousing me. After about a month i will be at that bottom level of total submissiveness She truly enjoys.

Waiting said...

My wife used to lock "her" cock in a CB 6000 for 2 years. Then she decided that in a WLM the husband always does as he is told, obeys his wife completely and is basically a slave to her. I introduced her to a WLM about 3 years ago, she was actually hesitant at first, but soon really got into it. I started doing all of the wash, ironing and the housework, as well as planning and preparing most of our dinners. All she had to do I asked her, was to keep me very horny and T & D me as often as she wished. I would be her slave. Well now there is NO going back, she has really gotten into this. And I have also. It is completely mutual.

But she always felt that the cock cage was an artificial method of controlling my orgasms. She never cared for it from the beginning, but tolerated it because I convinced her that it would make us have a better WLM. She didn't like to see it on me and said that she didn't like the unlocking and removing it so she could tease me. And she really felt that her control over me must be complete, I must obey her, and she wanted it off from that point on. She told me that I was "not allowed to cum without permission" and that she trusted me based on how well our WLM was doing. Six months to a year of wait time if I ever masturbated, I promised her I would tell her. Plus, she would see so quickly if I came, she checks "her" cock often and could tell right away. She says that if I really want to cum without her permission, then we no longer have a WLM because I am not obeying her. She has threatened to end that aspect of our life, and I never want that to happen. My wife is so desirable, blond hair, big tits and a knockout body that she maintains in the gym 5 days a week. She gets hit on all of the time there, but she never lets it go anywhere. She is a natural tease, and I am the lucky one who gets to enjoy looking at her, and gets played with. Plus she keeps me in my own panties 24/7. I have over 40 pairs.

If I have been very good, maybe every 2 weeks she will allow me to enter her for maybe 5 to 10 strokes. Then I must take it out and put it back in my panties. She gets lots of orgasms, the way it should be for all wives she says.

So that is why we are now on the honor sytem. I certainly would never do anything to end this WLM. I am very lucky!