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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Emla Creme before Sex

With getting ready for the holidays and selling a bunch of stuff on eBay, I've been really busy this week.  Sorry to not have posted as much.

Had some play time with my husband on Thursday.  He coated his cock with emla creme for a few hours while I was getting a 90 minute massage down the street.  When I came back, I was ready to put him to good use.  After giving me a few orgasms by hand and machine, it was time to put him to work.  The problem was that he put so much on that it had zero feeling which meant it was hard to keep it erect.  I couldn't find the cock rings so this made him tough to use.  He was able to keep it up for a missionary position fucking of me.  That felt great and brought me to another orgasm.

The think that I didn't like was that all of the thrashing and squirming that I usually get out of him didn't happen as he couldn't feel anything.  I even put the vibrator on its strongest setting and he was numb to it.  The idea of a little less sensitivity is good but even with a cock ring, this isn't as fun for me.  With a cock ring though, he would really be a meat puppet and could go all night long so I guess it has its uses.

I was a bit to strong with him that day and the next the underside of his cock had a big tear near the head.  In giving him extra time out of the cock cage, he is not as horny as when I leave it on him.  While I know he hasn't taken matters into his own hands, his desire level seems to be lower when I don't lock him up.  He thinks it is more related to work related matters.  As I mentioned before, he accepted a job the other day but is still working on two other projects that want to hire him.  I won't bore you all with this but it all distracts him a lot.  None pay the cash we want but each could be great long term if the jobs work out as expected.

I will have more to chat about later - we are making cookies for a bake sale today.

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Chirenon said...

Yes, I think you definitely need to use less cream. Finding the cock ring is important, and maybe try coating just the glans and then covering it with a condom to prevent any of the cream from desensitizing you.

If his shaft retains sensation, he should be able to do the things you like but without the glans he should be unable to cum himself.