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    2 years ago

Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Alone Time

Roisin Murphy in the holiday spirit
Well alone time today is off.  The friend of our daughter is sick with a cold so no alone time.  That is okay for me though as I'm feeling off today.  I took a few too many of the wrong medicine by mistake and it has me feeling very off.  I'm told it will take a little while to feel back like myself.  I'm not going to say the medicine though.   I'm pretty open about most things but no need to getting too open on things that are that important to you.

As far as serious play time, we may have time alone on the Tuesday before the house is overrun with family and friends beginning Wednesday.  Maybe he can take a shot at painting my toenails.  I'll need to think of a few things that he can do for me even if I can torment or play with him.

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