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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Worked Up Husband - What to Do?

Odd statue in Oxford, UK
You'll see in my husband's post tonight that he making himself worked up.  So you know, I'm horny too but I don't get all worked up like him.  Life gets in the way and sometimes you need to wait.  Maybe we will get a chance tomorrow for a few hours.  I told him that today.  And yes, he might have had a chance today if the hair coloring had been faster but she is my friend and does it for a special price for us.  I went back to the more orange and blonde hair color.  You all will get a chance to see it as soon as we are taking pictures of the next play time.  Is that tomorrow or the next day or next week?  No idea. 

So it makes three days in a row he thought he might get a little time.  With children and life, it is what it is.  Maybe if I told him he had to wait a few weeks, he would be getting less worked up.  Let's see how tomorrow goes.

He is all worked up.  What to do?  Wait is about all that he can do...and give me foot rubs.

This is another view of the statue
 PS: Is this statue funny or what?  Is that a wallet in his hand?


Xemxija said...

I think his frustration is due to raised expectations. However, that frustration will be building up a huge amount of sexual energy which can be put to good use when you finally have time together.

I think it may be the time to introduce him properly to the strapon. What sort is it? Do you have a picture of it. There are a variety of types, solid, hollow, fixed harnessed or vac-u-lock etc. Some are easier to use than others, and some have extra benefits.

kept by 7 said...

I think you have him right where you want him!!!!

Weave said...

I know how hard it is to be excited looking forward to pleasuring my Wife, and have it not work out due to family stuff. Yes, we must learn to be more patient.
Nice statue!

Mistress Lin and slave tony said...

That statue is HYSTERICAL! :) As for the strap on...yes...its time...he needs to feel used and filled up...its proper

Anonymous said...

It look slike a news paper to me.