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    2 years ago

Friday, December 3, 2010

His Mistake

Sorry that I haven't posted since Tuesday.  Wednesday there wasn't a lot to say and Thursday Time-Warner's Roadrunner service was down for the day.

After Tuesday's play, both myself and my husband's sex drive remained high.  On Thursday after he teased out an orgasm in me, I began teasing him.  He was over me on the coach while I pinched his nipples and fiddled with his cock.  His arms were balance on the back of the couch and arm rest so to give me some space to work with.  I told him how Thursday was a tease and Friday would be the day we have old fashioned lovemaking.  I guess the teases and foreplay were too much and he came all over my clothes even though I had stopped teasing him.  Of course, this meant Friday was off.

A friend online gave me a great idea for next time.  Milk him by a prostate massage before sex and then engage him in it.  The funny thing is that I had told him that I knew he wouldn't last long and that he should cover his cock in the emla creme that morning before we play so that we can wash it off for when we play.  That way he will be able to last.

Anyhow, I'm not very pleased with him for ruining my fun.  He still seems at a higher level of need but not like a week ago.  Hell, he orgasmed twice this week!

PS: For the feet people, I know I have been promising foot pictures with him.  The growth of my large nails is going slow.  While the shape is about back, the nail itself isn't ready for painting.  I don't want to take pictures for the internet for all time and have them look bad.  Anyhow, patience and I will get you good pictures.


Weave said...

Nice story... not surprised he came, lol! :)

Tina's Hub said...

Punishment should be given for cumming without permission, especially all over your clothes. He must learn that you and only you may give him the privledge of cumming, he can't just do it because the feeling builds up. My wife allows me inside her maybe once every 2 weeks if my behavior has met her high standards. But only for 3 to 8 strokes and then out. If I cum without her permission she tells me I will have to go a full 6 months without cumming as well as endure several of her other punishments. And she means it!

Even when I am finally allowed to enter her and she allows me to cum, I must pull out just before cumming and shoot into a plastic cup. Nothing may enter her (too messy) or go all over her belly (that is making her submissive she feels, too degrading to have your husband cum on you). So your husband should not get another orgasm easily next time.

jeminfla said...

Thank you, Ma'am, for remembering us lowly subs who enjoy serving our Mistresses from the floor up. I can't wait to see those sexy feet of yours in action!

subtowife said...

he's cum twice without permission?! Definitely punsihment time. The appropriate punishment, of course, is extended chastity. his time for no orgasms should be double is last longest denial, 42 days right? Go for 90 days. Extended chastity is a real attention getter. my last orgasm was Father's Day, i was hoping for one on my birthday in August, it didn't happen. Then after my birthday my Wife added 2 more punishment months. my assumption is that She was going let me cum on Christmas, so now i'm looking at late February or March or longer. February would be 8 months or the longest i have gone. You would not believe how obedient and well behaved i've been in hopes that i can cum in February