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    3 years ago

Monday, December 13, 2010

Locked for the holidays

Perfect blouse for the holidays
With everything healed, he is back in the cage.  Hopefully this will teach him to be more ready for me when I want sex out of him.  Overdoing the emla creme really made him useless in that way.  Now that I have my monthly visitor, he won't need it.  We have my older daughter coming on Wednesday through Christmas so he has some time to get horny and desperate again and be better at serving me when and how I want it.

With the holidays on us, it is amazing how the hours in the day just disappear.  Before we know it, it will be 2011.  Amazing.  It seemed like the 1990 not too long ago.

I got no ideas from any of you kinksters on holiday gifts.  Take a break from jerking off and send me a note on what a good gift might be.  Email is  Ciao for now.  Mas manana.


sub2wife said...

Which Holidays do you mean? Christmas, New Year's, President's Day, Memorial Day?? i say to learn his lesson April Fool's Day would work.

forever hers said...

Mistress, what more can you tell me about this cream. I'm a sub to my wife and would love to be able to try to satisfy her sexually but I dont last long at all.

Her control over my orgasms just makes a bad situation worse when it comes to lack of control.

I've been looking for help for ages. Any advise would be appreciated.

Hawk said...

Hmm, are you speaking of a gift for your sub? How about a predicament gift giving. Maybe three wrapped boxes. Box 1 has a new spanking tool...Box 2 has a more severe new spanking tool...Box 3 has something he really, really wants. Then tell him in order to receive giftbox 1, he'll need to endure 50 spanks w/ the hand. Once he earns it...50 spanks with the toy in Box earn gift #2...etc. Box 3 could be a "get out of the cage for a couple hours FREE" coupon?

KeyholderWife said...

Forever Hers: On the emla creme, if you use too much, you will need a cock ring as it seemed like he couldn't feel anything. You have to cover the places you put it with saran wrap after putting a good amount. After about 30 minutes, it starts to numb. I guess the trick would be to only use it on the most sensitive spots.

Hawk: That could be a fun game to play anytime. Sounds like "Let's Make A Deal" for kinksters.