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    2 years ago

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Opportunity Missed and a Broken CB-6000

Husband in Birdlocked
Well, we had about five hours alone yesterday.  Unfortunately for my husband, I just wasn't in the mood.  I had to clean up the house after all of the house guests who had just left the day before.  I know he wasn't happy about it but that is life.  I know you think he should do it but he just isn't good at it.  Instead, he ran errands and waited for me.  Unless our child does another play date this week, he is now looking at a very long time before he might get some fun.  He starts his new job next week so I doubt I will have the free time with him when our child is in school.

On a personal level, it would be nice to have some private time with him - hopefully we can figure out some schedule where we are alone.  As we are regularly interrupted at night, I'm not sure where we will find the alone time.

I see how using the strap-on is what the most of you want to see next.  I really thought the foot pics would win.  I haven't had a chance to talk to him about this but I am guessing that he isn't thrilled with the vote.  He should be happy cuckolding didn't win.  I know I am as I am not ready to consider that.

What else?  Oh, his CB-6000 broke again.  I'll leave it for him to describe what happened.  I don't think those things are made for 24/7 use.  I'm going to have him work on developing his more secure and durable chastity cage.  This is ridiculous that it can't make four months without a problem.  He has the Birdlocked on now.  I know he isn't thrilled with it but after so long, I am not going to leave him unlocked.  Men are just too weak to be trusted not to masturbate after so long without an orgasm.  This doesn't look as secure but I know how to make sure that he hasn't done anything.  After this long without, it is easy to tell. 

I'll have him take a picture of it on as I can't find any pictures of it in use other than this one online.


Serving B said...

Hi. I just posted a comment on your husband's blog and reading your entry for today, I realize there was something else I wanted to bring up i my comment to him, so I will offer it here.

You say in your post "I had to clean the house"... Well, no, not really. You chose the clean the house because, according to your husband, you do not like the way he does things. Have you ever thought about teaching him to meet your expectations for the work you want done around your home? He sounds like an intelligent and sincere guy who wishes the best for the both of you. I say step up and teach him to meet your expectations rather than letting this affect you in such a negative way.

My partner has me clean for her. She is particular about how she wants things done. She will review what I have done and point out what she wants me to do better. I don't take it personally or get offended. I aspire to please her and make her happy. She is not unreasonable - she just wants me to meet her expectations. She has promised me that there will come a time when she will have me cleaning and inspect my work with her riding crop or a paddle in her hand, and dole out appropriate corrective strokes to emphasize what she expects. I think that would be cool. I would understand her needs just as well if she simply pointed them out, but it's a cool idea.

Anyway, you have a devoted husband and I am sure he can learn. If you insist on doing extra work yourself instead of teaching him what you expect (and even doing things together), you're going to continue to run into these issues. Also, it's not entirely inappropriate to ask house guests to clean up after themselves. They are guests in your home - not a hotel where there are maids paid to clean trashed spaces. Did your guests treat your home so disrespectfully that it took five hours to clean up after them? If it were me, I would be talking to my guests about their behavior, or inviting them to book a hotel room the next time they visit. But that's just me.

Best wishes to you both.

KeyholderWife said...

ServingB, I know what you are saying. The guests were my older daughter and the younger one. The older one left and I found the mess. The younger one I'm working on. As for my husband, there are certain things that he is good at and I am bad at and the reverse. We have split things that he is responsible outside the house and I am responsible inside the house. Given that inside the house is my job, it is what it is. Unfortunately, he lost a chance to play because of it.

Weave said...

Happy to hear that strap-on won, too! He will like it, in the end (nice double entrendre!). :)
I'm sorry you have lost some privacy with the interruptions.
Have a great one!

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