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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Update on the Week So Far

Jolie's S&M series
Not alot to write about this week - well, actually there was but not too much sexy stuff for far. 

On Monday, my husband was on the road all day so not much of a chance to do anything with him then.  On Tuesday, I wanted to have a little fun with him but he was getting ready for a day of meetings that was today.  Today he had those meeting and fortunately landed a job.  It has a base pay lower than what we are used to but great upside if the business is successful.  The most important thing is that it is an income stream after six months without one. 

As for me, I had one of my best months selling things on eBay - I've made $1,000 already this month and hope to make another $1,000 before it is over. 

Now for tomorrow, I expect to get some play time with him.  Same on Friday.  I don't have any idea what I will do but you'd better believe that he need to control himself better.  I have some ideas on how to do that but will not say that on here until after the play time is done. 

For the foot fetish people, I am about ready to do the foot pictures.  Getting those nails looking right has taken a long time.  They are not perfect yet but they are close.  It seems to have taken forever for them to get back to normal.  For those of you who do not remember, a pedicure gave me nail infections in both big toes.  I lost the nails and it took forever for them to grow back.

What else?  The New Year's Resolution for everyone in this house is to get in better shape and lose weight.  I was going to do it sooner but that takes a bit. 

Oh, I think I found the coolest Christmas gift at Brookstone - a pen that records video and sound for two hours.  It can be placed anywhere and records what is in its vision.  You then just open it up and and plug it into your computer and watch the video and recharge it.  Price is $79 which seems inexpensive for such a cool spying device.  Your child can have it on them to record bullies or bad teachers.  You can record a baby sitter.  I'm sure some would spy on a spouse on the computer.  The uses seem endless and fun.

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Ms Jay said...

Great news on him landing the job, congratulations. Know how stressful its been the past few months for you guys. Should make for a much better holiday season. Chat with you soon.

Ms Jay