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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays and Thanks

Kissing under the mistletoe anyone?
I wanted to take a post and thank everyone who follows us.  I cannot tell you how taken back I am by the interest.  Since starting this about eight or nine months ago, I have learned so much from many who I have met because of this blog.  At this pace, 2011 should be quite an interesting year.

I was thinking of mentioning those who have meant the most to me but I they know who they are.  The encouragement, ideas and support to try things has been something special.  Those who have followed from the start know that we have gone through ups and downs - the downs enough to destroy a weak union.

One was my spending problems that I still have trouble mentioning.  I won't share specifics but I have learned a lesson that I won't forget soon.

Another big challenge was my husband's work situation.  After he left there, we found out that the guy running the company was covering up all sorts of problems created by him and he attributes those problems to other people who he gets rid of.  He professes to be religious but religious people who behave like that...well, I hope there is a special place for them.  During that time another person senior to him found out that he knew that he was cheating on his wife with men at a skanky bar - not good for someone who pretends to love his wife and be squeaky clean.  I can't even mention what occurs in that bar it is so gross.  I don't wish bad for anyone but I hope the bad people get what they deserve.

In the New Year, he has a promising new job.  It's less money but it is still has much upside.  The good thing is that he is competing with his old job.  Let's hope he can take their best clients.

While we won't have the free income of the past, we are blessed by those of you who are supporting us here.  2011 is an exploration for us in so many ways.  My goal will be to get into "photo ready" shape.  Don't expect that fast as all of the stresses of this year will take a while to exercise off.  For now, I will give you bits and pieces that I hope you find interesting.

Most importantly, I want to thank my husband for this wonderful journey.  The few who really know me on here know that he has to clean up my English for many of these posts.  So I dictate or write a first draft and then he will come on and fix things up.

Everyone have the best of holidays.  I think 2011 will hold good things for those of us who are true to our selfs.  To our knowledge, we live only once on this Earth and we need to make the most of it.

Kisses to all of you.  Merry Christmas.

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