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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby Time and IMs

Either late tonight or more likely tomorrow, my older daughter is having her baby.  I'll be with her all week.  Husband will either be at home or on the road during that time locked tight.  Everything is plastic so getting through airport security isn't an issue.  The hardest part is our little one will have to stay with friends for a few days.

I know this post isn't sexy like what most of you are looking for but a number are interested in these more personal items.  I'll see what I can do in posting this week.  Yahoo IM works on my iPhone so that isn't an issue.  I think I can do updates on here too but without pictures.

My husband's posts should be interesting as he will be on the road caged.  Feel free to tease him if you like.   Actually, I like that idea.  He logs on Yahoo IM as - it's an odd new email at Yahoo - ymail.  He will do it at minimum every night at 10pm eastern/7pm pacific time.  Check your local listings ;)

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