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    2 years ago

Thursday, October 21, 2010

See if you can explain this...

See if you can explain this to me - my husband had a very nice orgasm two days ago while in the cage.  Today he is hornier than ever, trying to do anything I want.  Give or getting an orgasm seems to be pre occupado his mind.  I tease him a little this morning and then sent him on his way.  More tomorrow, I said.  He reminded me that he is in meetings all day tomorrow.  I guess that rules things out until next week...although I will tease him while in the cage - he has no need to be out.

Now next week, I expect to be with my daughter having the baby - maybe even this weekend.  That takes us to the following weekend when he would be around all of us.  The week after that, he might need to be out of town for most of the week on business.  And then that following weekend, we are at a friend's house.  I'm looking at the calendar and he might need to wait until the second week of November...maybe longer.  That dawned on him making him even more desperate for attention.  But after an orgasm only Tuesday, it seems too soon, no?


BJTH said...

The more you deny him and restrict his orgasms to a precious few, the better his behavior towards you. No more than 10 a year is a very good guideline. Would love to hear what your other readers think how many orgasms a wife should allow per year. I am allowed around 6 per year, depending on my behavior. Weeks, not days are added when my wife feels I deserve a punishment for anything she finds not to her satisfaction. This as well as geting tied up naked in her walk in closet for 2 to 3 hours a evening for 3 or 4 nights.

For a milder punishment she will add 1 week and give me 1 hour of corner time, wearing only my panties, for 7 nights straight. To make it more difficult, she places her worn panties folded very small against my nose. I must keep them against the wall for 1 hour. If they drop, the time starts over from the beginning. Since I am handcuffed behind my back I cannot reach down to pick up the panties if they fall. Very hard to do, they do fall, and as she says, even though I only have a few minutes more, the time starts all over again. She watches TV or goes on the computer while I am in the corner of the room. No talking is allowed. Needless to say, I try to be on my best behavior with her at all times. This is exactly, she says, what she is trying to accomplish. Her punishments do work.

Tina said...

Do any of the ladies out there know of any good site where I can purchase a real nice feminine apron for my hubby? Something with a WLM saying or drawing or photo on it similar to what you see on this great site? Or an animal print? His flowered one is getting worn, and I like him to look nice as he does his housework and cooking for me. Yes, except for his panties, it is all he may wear in the house. Thanks!!!!

mikecb said...

In my own experience, I'm horniest when I first orgasm, since all the plumbing is "warmed up". That peaks at around day 10, and then tapers. After about 2 weeks, my libido drops off precipitously. My experience seems typical, if I'm to believe the other blogs I read.


Anonymous said...

Well in my experience I can honestly say I get better results from my slave when I deny it orgasms. I am in a training period currently with it; and when all is said and done my slave will only orgasm 3-4 times per year. It performs better, serves better and when it comes down to servicing me; it is outstanding. I use my slave's cock as a dildo and it remains hard for a very long time. Enjoy!

BDSMCouple_SoCal said...

I found that with my sub whenever he has an orgasm that is when he immediately wants another one and his demeanor has changed dramatically in that he no longer has that true submissive attitude and behavior. The longer he goes without cumming the more compliant he is and the less he complains.

He was just allowed to cum after 150 days of being in denial. I am still using his cock for my pleasure at this moment, however, though he has been very good I can see a change in attitude. I'm the only one who knows when he will be locked up again and for how long it will be.

As with others, I like the 4-6 week cycle in between his orgasms but he never knows how long he will be kept in chastity and denial.

BJTH, I like the idea your wife uses of her worn panties being held against the wall. I have used a coin in the past but the panty idea is nice as he will be able to smell me as well while he takes his punishment.

BJTH said...

Dear BDSM couple;

My wifes thoughts exactly, breathe in her aroma on the worn panties for an hour a night while standing in the corner silent. Keeps me thinking of only her she says. And she is correct (as always). When I am tied up with my hands up pulled high to a hook in the ceiling in her closet she sometimes puts a pair of her worn panties over my head so that the crotch is right over my nose. Before she lets me down after 2 or 3 hours, I must tell her ways I thought about her and how I intend to please her. If the answer isn't to her liking, I will stay like that for longer. She is very dominating, but it is mutual and I would not change a thing.

You really keep your husband VERY horny. 150 days, or 5 months, wow he must have been ready to explode. I have been kept without cumming for "only" 3 months several times. Nothing compared to both of you. My wife likes to keep it no less than 2 months, which if I please her, amounts to 6times per year. She says in 2011 it will go to no more than 5 times.

When a wife allows her husband to cum too often, he becomes less interested in WLM and takes too long to get back on the right track. Again, my wife says that, and lets face it, it is so true.

Good luck with your training, but it sounds like you are doing just fine! As with you, my wife uses "her" cock as a dildo, allowing me inside her when she is pleased with me. Maybe 5 to 15 strokes and then out. I get warned about cumming without permission, and so far I have not.