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Friday, October 29, 2010

Home on Sunday

I'll be getting home on Sunday afternoon.  My daughter is learning how to be a mom.  I'm surprised at just how little prepared that she was for all of what parenthood entails.  She had the room and clothes all set but for things like how to diagnosed a collicky baby and what to do, she was totally unready.  I had given her books months ago.  She is finally getting around to reading them.  

I will have one day on Monday with my husband alone.  I'm interested in your thoughts as to what, if anything, that I should do.


JTT said...

Tease and deny him. He should also do all of the housework wearing only a pair of panties. Backrub and footrubs for you during the day. Have him prepare your dinner. This is all a great way to show him that you are picking up where you left off before you left. You are in charge! Have fun!!!

Dave said...

Love JTT's comment! It seems that your hubby is complaining in his blog. Maybe not, but it is not clear. As JTT said, have him pamper you, including giving you as many orgasms as you want the way you want! The clock is indicating 11 days, Monday gets it up to 13, another week or two sounds good! Then maybe milk him. my Wife controls my orgasms and my usual wait is about 3 months, it make me MUCH MORE attentive to Her!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. My wife also makes me wait for the privledge of an orgasm for 3 months. She says 4times a year is more than enough cumming for me, as also for any man. I am scheduled for the time of change of seasons. I came on September 22, and now I won't be allowed again until December 21. Your husband has the nerve to complain if he goes over 2 weeks. It he was married to my wife, one complaint and she would add another month. Needless to say, I do not compain but thank her over and over again when she grants me her privledge. She loves to hear that, and likes to hear me beg when the time gets close. Of course I am denied. She sticks to her rules and will not let in to anything. A VERY SMART WOMAN!!!