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    2 years ago

Thursday, October 14, 2010

He is Locked Up for What May be a While

Between his work and my child on half days because of parent teacher conferences, there has been just no time to play.  With my elder daughter likely to have hers in a day or two, I will be out of town for about 5 days with her.  As soon as it happens, I'm off to see her and the addition to the family.  Since he has been too busy to receive the fun I had in store, he will just have to wait for at least two weeks, I think.

As for the Halloween Party, I am supposed to be back the day before the party assuming the baby comes on time.  With such a momentous things coming to our lives, if we can make the party, great.  If not, we will just have to wait.  I think we will know more over the next couple of days.  

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Black Chicks Rule said...

You are a super hero.
Your husband should thank god everyday that he has you b/c you have the endurance of long distance runner. My god, preggers, plus baby, plus hubby, plus all the responsibilities means he needs to revolve his schedule around yours instead of you accomondating his. I hope he knows how really good he has it.
BCR from