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Friday, October 1, 2010

Week Revisited

The picture says what I think about everyone in politics - they all stink.  I think I will vote all of them out even though I don't care for the options.  They do not really work for us - only themselves, their interests and the corporations.

I just woke up from a nice mid-day nap wearing only my panties.  We have begun the soft start of our diets.  For the last three days it has been hot, humid and drizzling here - the last two not typical.  This has left me feeling more tired than normal.  The diet might have some to do with that as well.

As I just read with my husband's blog, I showed love for him earlier this week by letting him have a strong orgasm but without the cock in the end.  I wonder if him going to bed early that night was a coincidence or not.

As for different play time together, I knew life would get in the way for a few days and wanted him to have that treat.  Next week might be a good time to try the ideas in my head.

What else?  Are you watching "Project Runway"?  I'm rooting for Mondo or Michael C.  The rest of them I don't really care for.  Gretchen is a total bitch - and not in a good way.  Our child is a huge fan of "Chuck".  I think that is the only show on television that all three of us like.  If you haven't seen it, try it on Monday at 8pm on NBC.

If any of you want to chat, I will try and be online more this weekend.  The chat box on this page or Yahoo IM id of wifekeyholder is there for you.  I know a number of the men want their wives to do what I do.  Tell them that you found the site by mistake and have them chat with me.  Don't leave in a fantasy anymore - try and make it real.   If you feel something is lacking - she might too.  What do you have to lose?

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