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    3 years ago

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday night

Well, we didn't have as long a fun as I wanted to as my husband didn't get back from a business meeting until 10pm.  He had to drive 2 1/2 hours away to make a presentation to a Board of Directors after the close of business.  Hopefully, he and his business partners land the job as it would pay them all like highly priced lawyers and give him the time to get the money raised to start his own company.

With that as the backdrop, I took him to the brink of orgasm for a while and then had him get a break and service me.  I then restarted on him taking him to a ruined orgasm where one drop of cum sneaked out of him about 30 seconds after I stopped touching him.  From there, I jumped on top of him and rode him to a very fulfilling climax for both of us.  I had thought the ruined orgasm would take the edge off and let him be hard in me longer.  Alas, no, he lasted but not as long I would have wanted ideally.  It was still good, don't get me wrong.  With that, we went to sleep.  There was no time for anything the next morning as our child needed to get home from the sleepover.

Today has been a pretty lazy day for me.  Other than a little cooking and cleaning, jumped in the pool.

I'm still thinking of Halloween outfits for the party.  One suggestion was that if I am a witch, make him up to be a black cat.  I had thought of a broom but I'm not sure how you dress someone up as the broom you rode in on.  My husband thought he could be a mummy wrapped in bed sheet strips.  It was mentioned that an outfit like that might be difficult to keep on.  In thinking about that, that could be a good thing at a kinky Halloween party.

Anyhow, more over the next few days.

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