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    2 years ago

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Husband Caged Orgasm

Well, yesterday my husband gave me the most pleasant of orgasms.  At the start, I wasn't that interested and had him use the massager aka the jackhammer for its intended use - deep tissue massage of my legs.  After some of that, I moved it higher and had a very satisfying orgasm.  From there, I used it on him.  He was in the cage while I massaged the area under his balls.  He enjoyed it but it was clear that it would not be enough to make him orgasm.  I then moved it to the pelvis area just above the cage and went to work again.  In not too long, he was giving me a warning that he was going to cum.  I didn't stop.  After what looked and sounded like the start of an orgasm and nothing coming out, all of a sudden, he erupted and it shot out like a cannon over and over.  It was something to see.  Probably one of the biggest messes he has ever made.  I then smiled at him and reminded him of how talented I am.  He agreed completely.

That whole thing made me horny again after losing some of my interest over the last week because he was busy.  Today though, both of us had a bit to do and I couldn't act on my desires.  There is always Wednesday though.

As for the baby watch, she went to the doctor and they will wait for as long as this week and then decide if nothing happens.  The baby is very healthy.

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