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    3 years ago

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Current Poll and Sunday

Home early and much to my surprise, the house was in order.  I had thought that between my husband, child and animals, it would be a mess.  Surprisingly, no.  I'm sending my husband out with her for trick or treating later today at a friend of her's house.  This will give me some nice time alone at home and a little time to do laundry and such. 

Looking at the early votes on the latest poll, I might need to do a second poll to see why "other" is winning.  (Update: An orgasm in the cage is now in the lead.) If you all have ideas, please post them here.  If I do a 2nd poll, I might need to make him wait yet another week.  I'll probably do that anyway.  That seems to be the general consensus on here - he needs to wait an awful lot longer.  I agree.  I've had one person that said that I should have him orgasm until he asks for no more and then keep him without for a long time.  All of the ideas are very interesting to me.  The problem is that I like using his cock.  I suppose I can use a strap on that he wears but I enjoy having it ready for my purposes whenever I want it.  As I can tell from when I got home, he is so much more attentive when he is made to wait for sexual relief.


Anonymous said...

Your last sentence says it all. It can't be both ways with him cumming so often and then not being submissive enough for you. He should be very submissive at all times. He has had it too good up to now.

sub2wife said...

Make him keep the strap-on clean for any possible use. That way he'll know that at anytime it could be in him, or on him to use in you. i learned very early on not to ask for release, or complain, as any conversation about my being locked up led to being locked up for a long time. It is my Wife's decision if and when i get to cum. i know that i am there only for Her pleasure and to serve Her.

Anonymous said...

My wife uses "her" cock as a dildo, and only allows me to cum after about 6 weeks. She gets oral sex 2 times a week or more. She will allow me to enter her once a week if she has been pleased with my behavior. She tells me how many strokes I am allowed, and then out with me not cumming.