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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Should I Wear to a Dungeon/BDSM Halloween Party?

I am thinking very seriously of going to the BDSM Dungeon Halloween Party that we were invited to.  I don't think there is any harm in observing things and my friends have convinced me that it is not going to be some gross event with a sticky floor from a lack of hygenic behavior.   I am also very curious to see what happens at these places.

The only thing that could keep me back is an older daughter who is having a baby in the next ten days.  It's hard to believe that I will be a grandmother but I started very young so such is life.  My guess is that the baby is coming soon and I will be back home by the party which is a week before Halloween.

The question to think about is what to wear?  I have the shoes so that isn't an issue.  Rather than me give my ideas, I would like suggestions from those of you who have done this before.

Also, what should my husband wear?  Don't give ideas that cost a lot of money - that is not something we can do right now.  Still, I don't know what is best for this kind of party.  It is my first one so don't go giving all crazy ideas.


LockedLaura said...

Masks are "de rigeur" for Halloween, for a submissive you can go with hoods. Removing the eyes from memorization pretty much assures anonymity.
Otherwise dress comfortably, hard to use too much black (although the attention caused by much red is delicious).

Jonathan said...

If you're considering costumes, those that illustrate your power exchange are nice, but there is a risk of duplication. Think Cruella de Ville for you, a Dalmatian outfit for him (or paint the spots on him). Or Dr. Frank N. Furter for you and Riff-Raff for him, especially if Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing afterward. Or get even more obscure with the movie/TV references. Willow and Spike? Peg and Al Bundy? The closeted hillbilly and the Gimp? The Master and Torgo? You get the idea.

Consider modifying his costume to allow for extra fun. He probably should wear thong briefs if you might even remotely consider flogging, spanking, or whatever. Consider cutting holes for nipples in case you want to play with them. Technically speaking, as long as he's street-legal and in compliance with party rules, he doesn't NEED to wear much of anything.

KeyholderWife said...

I don't think there are rules on what you wear or don't wear inside.

mikecb said...

If this is your first fetish/play party, I'd suggest you just wear something sexy and black. Women tend to wear corsets or black skirts and low cut blouses.

The subs often just wear dark clothes to the event, black is always a safe bet.

Anonymous said...

The first fetish party we went to Mistress really just went as herself dressing in her favorite Domme outfit and adding a classic eye mask. i being a jock, wore my old college football pants ( which were way too tight by now ) a half tee that showed where my six pack used to be that we stenciled Property of Mistress Jane, XXS, with an arrow pointing down on. To finish it off we bought a cheap hood and painted it like a football helmet but and copied the NY Jets emblem but making it into the MJ's Pets. All in all it didn't cost much and got lots of comments.

I would also add that last year we went to a "vanilla" party. Her as the Queen of Hearts and me as Alice. Those costumes were a bit expensive though.

Anonymous said...

Years ago my wife and I attended a wild Halloween party. She dressed in a black leather mini skirt with a low cut black blouse. She also had on a black garter belt and black stockings with high heels. Since she is very attractive with long blond hair, she was the hit and envy of the party. All of the guys with garter belt fetishes sat next to her and kept asking her to raise her shirt more for a better view. And she complied.

As for me, her sub, I was dressed in only a cloth diaper with rubber pants. She had found these items online awhile ago to use as a punishment for me. There have been four weekends that I have had to be "babied" by her including baby food and toddler drinking cups. So naturally, at the party I had to use my toddler drinking cup to consume a beer and she told everyone I was only allowed to eat baby food from the jars. Many of her friends had fun feeding me all evening and asking if I needed a diaper change. Just for the party she took me to the bathroom and removed the diaper so that I could pee. She didn't want me to be offensive or to wet any furniture. But that was only for the party. Punishment times it is changed only 5 times a day.

Have fun. Chances are you already have items you can wear, and diapers for your husband are very inexpensive.