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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Will Wednesday be Hump Day?

No posts the last few days as my laptop does not have Explorer anymore.  It seems an emoticom thing I downloaded killed the program.  Any ideas how to get it back up and running?  I'm using the desktop now but that is not the one I like to use.  Anyway, this week has been slow.  On Saturday, I had my husband put things in and I did the Yahoo IM from my iPhone but since then he has been working on presentations and had really no time.  As these are all to make money, this is where I step back from being the Domme and let him do his work.  He says Wednesday won't be as bad as most of his work is out although he still has more.

I think I told everyone that I have a daughter from another marriage when I was VERY young.  She is expecting her first child this Saturday.  I thought it would come earlier but the baby is being stubborn.  As it is a girl, you wonder where that comes from.  This will be an exciting moment for us.  Now it could interfere with the kinky Halloween party that I want to go to but there is no question which I would do first.  As the baby is due seven days before the party and I don't plan on being with my daughter for more than two or three days, I don't think it will conflict although you never know.

More tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Depending on which version of Windows you're running, try the following fix for Windows XP.

1) Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel (or simply Start > Control Panel)

2) Go to Add or Remove Programs

3) When the new window appears and populates with your computer's list of programs, search for Internet Explorer (it may be listed as Microsoft Internet Explorer, IE7, or IE8).

4) If you find the program on the list then it's your shortcut to the program that has disappeared. If this is the case, go to Start > Programs and see if you can find Internet Explorer listed there.

5) If you can't find Internet Explorer listed in Add or Remove Programs, click on the button to the left of the list called Add/Remove Windows Components.

6) When the window appears and populated with its list of options, put a check mark in the option for Internet Explorer (you may need the original Windows XP disc to reinstall the Internet Explorer programs).

I hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

This link may help, too. It suggests reinstalling Internet Explorer by downloading it from Microsoft:

KeyholderWife said...

thanks. my husband fixed it today. he did a virus sweep and some other stuff. must have taken him 8 hours.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it :)