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    2 years ago

Friday, November 19, 2010

As we come (or not) into the weekend

My husband is back from his travels.  He had a bit of a cold when he got back so I decided to let him rest yesterday as opposed to teasing him or doing anything.  Both he and my daughter have been suffering from a little cold - which I got today.  I had planned on doing some serious teasing today although he now may be too busy to be available.  If that is the case, he is going to have a hard time finding alone time with me.  I think Tuesday could be the only day over the next two weeks. So maybe he will get some attention today or tonight but will possibly need to wait a while longer.  I just looked at the clock on here and noticed that he is at 30 days.  How time flies when you are busy and having fun.

As for me, he has done a great job massaging my feet and legs since getting home.  He wants to touch more but I've had him wait.  I'm going to go take a nap and see if I am up to it before we have our child and her friend here this weekend.  More later on today for you.

I see that most of you didn't like my last poll.  I'll try and think of a better one next.  As for my big toenails, they are short but looking normal again.  Maybe I will have him paint them and you all can tell me if they are "ready" for him to squirt on for you.

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