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    2 years ago

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Wife Was in Control Today

Today I had a nice play date with my husband.  I had him strip and I fiddled with him for about an hour and a half.  He was on edge for most of that time.  I really tormented his nipples, cock and balls.  I'm sure that his nipples are sore and balls full.  Even better, I promised him more tomorrow.  After that, he will have to wait for a bit as I don't think we will be alone until the following week.  I know I have said it before but I get off a lot on teasing him and watching him squirm.  He even rubbed me to an orgasm through my stretch pants in only a minute or so.  That was a first with us.  Watching him react to my touches and knowing how much he wanted to orgasm gets to me big time.  Many times he teetered on the brink but was able to hold it back. 

His kissing was very good today.  I can feel the desire in him with each kiss.  While kissing him, I either pinched his nipples very hard to see how he would react or stroked his cock.  It became clear after a while when I took him into pain or to the brink of orgasm.  Watching and feeling him struggle is such a sexy rush.  

I'm feeling generous so no cage for him until the day after Thanksgiving.  We will be around each other and I can tell in only a few seconds if he has done anything given his current state of arousal. 

PS: I so love this, can any of you think of things he can add to this as a Christmas gift? 

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