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    2 years ago

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Husband away for a few days

He left on business early this morning. Despite airports, he was in his chastity cage. When men travel is when they need this most. While I know he won't cheat with another woman, I'm sure he would with his hand. As I have said before, most relationships would be stronger if the men had no ability for sexual gratification without their wives or girlfriends. It forces them to be more considerate than their natural state. For many women, their husbands cheat and there is no way to know it. This solves that worry completely.

This will be some nice quiet personal time before holiday season starts. As he is narrowing down the job search and should have something soon, I have faith that this holiday season will bring much to be thankful for.

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ALL HERS said...

You are so right when you state how relationships would be stronger if men were totally dependent on their wives for sexual release. My wife has always said that on the day a couple marries, the groom should arrive wearing a chastity device they picked out together. At the completion of the ceremony the couple should go to a private area where the bride would install the lock on the device and lock it shut. From then on she would allow her husband the privledge of cumming based on his overall attitude and how he treated her. Completing all of his housework properly, etc. would also come into play. After she allows sex, the chastity device goes back on until he has earned another privledge. Great idea, it should be mandatory!

Anonymous said...

Dead on All Hers, dead on!

Anonymous said...


My girlfriend and I recently started chastity/orgasm control. I am also leaving for a couple of days and this was a topic of our discussion. I think she would really benefit from talking with you!

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Anonymous said...

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