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    2 years ago

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday

I saw that someone thought my husband was small.   Normally that isn't the case but I saw this and it is by far the smallest he has ever been.  The first picture is more artistic while the second shows things clearer. 

His balls are tight against his body while the penis is also as tight or small as I've ever seen.  Is this because he was in the cage so long and the body is adjusting the other way?  Maybe it is because of his little injuries down there the last few days?  I would have thought that he would continue walking around with a semi given how horny he must be.  This looks like just the opposite. 
We got a nice little surprise - we will have some time alone this afternoon.  I was thinking about letting him pleasure me last night but by the time we got to bed, I was just too tired to want anything.  Maybe today.


Anonymous said...

I am the one who noticed in the previous post that your husband is small. The pictures in this post would seem to confirm my assessment. Thus my question: do you tease him or humiliate him on this score?

KeyholderWife said...

Well, this post is a bit of that. He is a grower as you say. Is six inches small? I think it is fine.

Anonymous said...

Six inches is fine. The average is apparently 5.5 inches.

I am 6.5 but not thick -- not thin either. I wish my wife would take a lover who is bigger... that's my fantasy.

And thanks for your reply.

Anonymous said...

It could be because of being locked up. Whwn my wife let me out after 10 days it did appear to be smaller,

Anonymous said...

The pictures make his cocklet look so cute! Boys shrink in chastity cages, but it's only temporary. Once they've been let out for a while, they regrow to their original size.