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    2 years ago

Friday, November 5, 2010

Husband home

Haven't been feeling well the last two days.  I'm not sure if it is the flu or just stomach problems but I have been resting.  My stomach feels and looks like a gas balloon.  Is there a doctor on the blog?  Actually, I will see a doctor on Monday if I still feel like this.

As for my husband, I saw that he wrote up what I could do with him today.  That was fun to do with him.  Watching him try to talk while I twist his nipples is fun.  He has such a hard time staying focused.  You think that he could handle two things at once.

His behavior has definitely improved with the orgasm denial.  I enjoyed getting his motor running but leaving the car in the garage.  This is why men can't orgasm too often - they lose that loving feeling that we like.  His kisses are far more passionate.


sub2wife said...

Yep!!! i am much better, more subservient, more obedient and more loving to my Wife when She makes me wait and wait and wait and wait and wait! Currently we have gone past my routine of 3 months and are at almost 4 months. i don't dare ask when, or it might end up being 7 months! i just continue to try to be the "perfect" husband in the hope that She will let me cum! There is nothing better than Her control over my orgasms! i need to now go down on Her until She tells me to stop (on a Friday night after a bottle of Chardonnay about 2-3 hours! YUM!)


Make him wait for at least 3 months. If you think he is good now, just wait. And like sub2wife stated, if he ask when he can cum, add another month. My wife will tell me to beg every few weeks, I do beg, and she says "not good enough, you'll just have to wait longer". And I proceed to give her great oral sex or use her toys on her. She has no intention of letting me cum early, she just likes to hear me beg and plead. She never goes to bed horny, she says "wives are not suppoesed to be ever horny, only husbands".