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    2 years ago

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well, it is getting fun in my house.  At 40 however many days, I am thinking he is horny.  He was pointing out the other day that it is actually 55 days or so if you count the orgasm in the cage.  As that was a real and big orgasm, why would you exclude it?  I'm more likely to reset to 8 days as I tried to give him an orgasm last week but he couldn't orgasm more than a trickle.

I've read online about the need to orgasm for prostate health.  That doesn't make sense.  How do the Buddhist Monks do it?  I would have said Catholic priests but I didn't want to make bad jokes.  Back to the Buddhist monks though - they never orgasmed.  Their bodies reabsorbed things.  He gets lots of exercise when I tease him.  He leaks a good amount so it comes out that way too.  I think the whole prostate thing is men finding a reason to need to release all the time.

I have some time to play with him this week.  We will see what is in store for him.


Anonymous said...

I think your theory is exactly right. How do monks of any religion do it? Some of them are cheating but some aren't cumming their whole life. So what's 40 days, give or take?

Miss Christina said...

I denied Sam for 19 weeks over the summer without so much as a ruined one and with as sick as he was there wasn't much leaking either and he was perfectly fine. I say deny him...tease the fuck out of him and not let him cum till Valentine's day ;)

KeyholderWife said...

I decided a restricted one was a good idea after so long.