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    2 years ago

Sunday, November 21, 2010

He is still waiting

My husband is going to find out when he reads this that he might need to wait another week for a chance to orgasm again.  See, he has to drive somewhere tomorrow morning for a meeting.  If he gets home fast enough, he will have alone time with me before our child comes home.  If not, then Tuesday I am busy all day and our child has a half day - no chance there. Wednesday, same thing plus getting ready for the holiday.  That means we wouldn't be alone again until the Monday after the holidays. 

So, hopefully he reads this before he leaves and then gets home quickly.  If not...

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Terri said...

Smart woman. When in doubt, add some more weeks. When not sure if he should cum, just have him wait longer. His behavior will continue to keep getting better the hornier he gets. I make my hubby wait about 2 months before I will even consider letting him cum. And I always end up making him wait about 2 to 4 more weeks. But, is he ever on his best behavior and our house is spotless. I am always "satisfied" and get nightly footrubs. Heaven! Like you, I'm no fool.