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    2 years ago

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Had a Saturday night alone

Last night, I had a night alone with my husband.  We were staying at a hotel next to a gentleman's club.  No, we did not go in to it.  I'm sure he would have liked that but those places are not for me.  Instead, we stayed in.  My stomach was not feeling the best.  It might have been from the combination of red wine, lime Patron gelato and too much food.  As we lay in bed, I did not want any attention although I was next to him naked.  I eventually had him strip and worked on his nipples for a long time.  The left one was a bit crusty from all the play I had done earlier in the week.  So I worked on the right one more than the left while watching "Saturday Night Live".  I had him take off his sweatpants and proceeded to play with his chastity cage.  No, I did not let him out.  I would tease him during the commercial breaks and stop during the show...except for the skits that were really awful.  It is surprising how the show gets worse as it goes on through the night.  As the show was ending, I became pinching and biting his nipples hard trying to get him to ask for me to stop.   He took it but was making lots of noises, moving around a lot and either breathing hard or not breathing at all.

He leaves on a business trip at like 4am in the morning tomorrow and doesn't get back until very early Thursday morning.  I'm sorry that I wasn't feeling up to doing more when we were alone but he will get another chance at the end of the week.

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