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    2 years ago

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day After

My husband seemed to be looking for a little attention today.  As I didn't sleep all that well last night, I told him no.  He could massage my feet and legs but no fooling around today as I needed to rest.   I asked him how he felt after yesterday's relief.  He told me that he was hornier than ever.  Good.  The bulge in his pants despite the cage proved that.

There is an outside chance that we may have a night alone either Friday or Saturday night but if that is shaky at best.  As such, he might not have a chance to get out of the cage until about a week from now as he will be travelling much of next week.  When he travels, he is in the cage.  I'm still thinking about the fun yesterday.  It was so exciting to see that.  I think I am beginning to understand the mental part of this now.  Even though he should be relaxed after yesterday, he isn't.

By the way, Happy Veteran's Day to all of those people who protect us.  I hope you are all home soon.


sub2wife said...

Another week gets him to a month. A good start. Does he need to travel some more after the week? Hmmmm, maybe a month and a half. Notice the attention he wants to give you, you will be on the receiving end of more if you keep him locked up.

KeyholderWife said...

He is traveling, yes.

sub2wife said...

Since he is traveling for the couple of weeks, make him wait until he is done traveling. he even admits the captivity makes him more willing to please you. It is true, the longer i am locked up the more i want to please my Wife. Keep him locked up and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Set a new record. My wife does that once a year with me, making me wait longer than ever before. The beginning of this year she set a new record for me not cumming by making me wait 11 weeks, the old record was 10. Next year she will go for 12 weeks.