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    2 years ago

Thursday, November 25, 2010


This week I experienced something new for me.  Well not totally new but in a way that I noticed more than ever.  After asking some of my online friends about it, I found it is the Domme version of subspace.  It is DommeSpace.  This is when you get a high Domming your partner.  I find that when I get there, his squirming to the pain and pleasure I inflict gets me spacy.  Understanding it a bit now, it is important for both play partners to communicate as you could go too far when in this headspace.  I don't think either of us noticed at the time we were doing these things but his sores aren't that bad and will heal quickly enough.

I had my husband take some pictures of the leftovers from our session Thursday.  Besides showing that he needs to shave his hair again, it was to show you the sores from our fun on Thursday.  His nipples were very sore.  Where last time there was crusting around the tip, this time it was one mark right in the center - not so bad at all.  He said it hurt the most of all of them but it is difficult to see.

The next two pictures show the rawness from me jerking him dry that day for about an hour and a half.  Right under the head is where it looks like the skin tore.  The pictures don't show it as well as in person but the mark on the right is pretty deep and red.  I think the lighting doesn't show that too good.

Because of all of this, he is going to have to go without touches until his cock is healed.  I suppose I can tease him using his perineum and ass/prostate but he is going to have to wait to have a real orgasm because of this.  As we are getting close to Christmas, he may have to wait a bit longer as it gets harder and harder to find alone time as we do everything to get ready for the holiday.

Since he is out of commission for a little bit while he heals, I told him last night that tonight he can go down on me as he has been asking for over and over again.  I think it is only fair to let him do what he has asked for so much given what I did to him.  On top of it, I am still a bit bothered from our session on Thursday and could use the attention.

This is his longest period ever without an orgasm.  I'm curious to see how he will react to it.  So far, he is very attentive and really the gentleman.  


Anonymous said...

Uh... from the second picture from the top, I see that your husband is, well, kind of small... Do you torment him about his size. But then maybe he is a "grower". I love both your blogs. Thanks.

Hawk said...

There have been many times, when I've observed the Dommespace you describe...and your caution is very wise. As a submissive, I know I get into mental places where I can let things go soooo far...into more dangerous places. There is nothing more rewarding as a sub, than to help, serve, adore, and suffer for a domme, in order for her to get into that Domme Space.