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    3 years ago

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Perfecting the Little Things

Husband began his oral service duties as decided by me with the kind input of all of you.  The orgasms were nice slow ones so that I could enjoy them for a while.  I would have liked to use his cock but he is in no condition to enter me given how horny he is.  Only a touch and he is ready to cum.  Hopefully that Emla creme that we will get tomorrow will solve this problem.

I think I did the ruined orgasm better last night than last week.  Instead of releasing a lot only a tiny amount snuck out and only after a little extra coaxing.  You can read about it on his post which is right here.  He still needs to show me a proper milking without complaining.  Given how noisy he was, that won't happen until the house is empty except for us.  As it is Mother's Day, I don't know when the next chance is.

Well, more later.


Anonymous said...

Reading your contract with him, he has cum 3 times in 10 days. I think he needs a week of teasing to build up his desire. He seems too calm.

I agree with others. Push this in non sexual ways. Also, it is up to you but he really should be recycling his orgasms.

You are doing great. Keep challenging him.


Anonymous said...

Train him to only cum on demand. That means hold is balls while riding him. Do strokes until he is close, stop and pull his balls hard. Wait and resume.

When he seems constantly on edge, get off and slap his cock hard. Wait until it begins to get less stiff then get back on. No stimulation other than your words or sex on him. While you wait, let him lick your sex to keep you ready.

Do this until you tire of training him. Afterwards, milk him. After that, you can get on him more if you are interested. Otherwise, ice him down and put his cock back away.

In this way, he will learn controlling his urges. As always, any spilling of his seed whether it is in you or on him needs to be recycled. This is a big part of getting into his psyche and will help him to control his urges.