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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Husband's First Trip Owned

My husband will be out of town the next two days on business.  He thought I'd let him out of this chastity cage for the trip.  Is he kidding?  This is why I got it.  While I trust him, this is why I locked him up.  No cheating or masturbating will occur now.  Given how horny he says he is, I will double check when he gets home.  I wasn't going to give him the plastic lock as that can be broken off so easily but he made a good point on the security clearance thing.  What is the worst that happens if they stop him?  He is embarrassed. 

I think he will be fine.


Mistress Kate said...


Great blog!

You could get some of those unique plastic locks that are numbered, so that you would know if he took it off and if he did punish him accordingly.

That is what I used when my ex cuck traveled overseas. It might be better traveling in the same country but we decided that this was the better option for international travel. He knew if he unlocked his chastity devise when he got back I would punish him so bad that no amount of orgasms in his week in Vietnam would be worth it :P.

Mistress Kate

KeyholderWife said...

That is what I did. I had one of those plastic locks, wrote down the number and he then used a little piece of white duct tape to hold it to the cage.

Truth is men need these when away from us.

Anonymous said...

I love it. All men should travel like that.

Keep challenging him.

Anonymous said...

Surprise him on the peeing idea. Don't let hi know you are going to do it to him.

Maybe find a spot outside and video it. Afterwards, make him work in the yard until his clothes air dry.

Anonymous said...

next step might be telling a close friend about the cage in front of him another could be having him wear shorts where it is difficult or impossible not to show the cage

Anonymous said...

You handled that exactly right. My hubby has traveled by plane now three times while locked up in chastity (CB 6000Short) with the white plastic numbered lock. He didn't have any problems.