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    3 years ago

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sleepy Hubby

He chose sleep over sex last night.  Can you believe it?  He can't.  Poor thing was so tired that he couldn't wait while I got our child tucked away.  He is back locked up. 

Not sure when our next chance will be.  He just told me that he may need to be out of town for a night this week.  It would be his first flight in chastity.   No way I am letting him be out of town this horny without it being on. 


Anonymous said...

We are very happy that you have done this for him. We think you should get him lasered from the neck down so that he will never grow hair there again. Also We think that you should keep him locked in the cage for at least a month with no release except for prostate milking. Keep him servicing You orally and the cum you collect from Him from his milking should be drank by him.

Master Tom & Miss Susan

Anonymous said...

Have him do a tattoo over his sex where his pubic hair used to be.

Anonymous said...

I saw in your profile that you don't drink but he does. Here is a fun idea, take a day or two and milk his cock like you would a cow. Save it all in the freezer. Next time he wants a drink, he must consume his cum.

His orgasms are too precious to waste. Put them to good use in training him.

Anonymous said...

The two of you seem to have the basic dynamics well under control; you lead, he follows and is grateful for what you give him. Most importantly, this clearly seems to be working for the two of you, which is the most critical metric of all.

We've noted that you still desire to have him fuck you but are worried that he won't manage more than a few strokes before bursting. The desensitizing creams that you're using are an option, but we'll observe that what desensitizes him will do the same to you (although a condom would go a long way in addressing that). We wonder if you've considered alternatives, such as providing him with a strap on that he could use to fuck you without actually penetrating you with his penis? It's conceivable that you might even be able to find something that allows him to remain caged while doing so. Of course the strap-on might make for an interesting way for you to milk him via prostate stimulation as well.

Have you considered extending your leadership of him to outside the bedroom?

Experimentation is key; if something doesn't work discard it and look for something else.

It's difficult to offer any sort of blanket suggestions; but each relationship is different and what is appropriate for the two of you will in some respects be unique to the two of you. An obvious extension would be to create an environment that has a constant sexual charge in order to keep him more constantly wound; with proper conditioning you'll find that you can make his cock strain against its cage with simply the right look, a glimpse of thigh or cleavage, or simply gripping a handful of his hair. Beyond that we suggest you start making decisions for him -- what to wear to work, what to have for lunch -- and perhaps consider ritualistic forms of behavior when your child is out of eyeshot, such as bowing or kneeling to you when entering or exiting your presence.

Speaking of your child, have you considered a ballgag for your husband in order to offer you greater flexibility when it comes to stimulating him?

We wish you the best of luck.