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    3 years ago

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday Night...sleep?

My child took so long to go to sleep Saturday that my husband was sound asleep when I got to bed.  I was watching a movie with her until about midnight, maybe a little later.  She was having trouble settling down but once asleep is out.  I wanted to do things with my husband and didn't want her interrupting.  By the time, she was out, he was too! 

I have a rule to myself that I don't wake him up when he sleeps as he is not a good sleeper.  If he wakes up when I come in the room, that is different.  I turned on the light and read for a while but he was out.  A little frustrated, I went to sleep. 

Hopefully tonight she goes to bed sooner and he goes to sleep later. 

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Anonymous said...

I think he needs to do a better job at serving you. You are way too lax and he needs your limits.