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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trying to Think of Ideas for the Contract Expansion

I posted how my husband offered to expand and extend my Contract where I own him for as long as I want.  For now, I think one more year is enough.  That makes it Valentine's Day 2013.  The harder question is how to expand it beyond the Chastity Contract.  What do I want?

It needs to involve more aspects of our lives but I can't turn him into a maid.  He works very long hours so that is not reasonable.  We have a child so staying naked or some other kinky bit isn't reasonable either. 

The latest Contract is HERE.  As you think of things, email me at or post here.


Anonymous said...

Just about the only thing that doesn't seem to be covered in the contract is total and exclusive financial control.

FemDom101 provides one example. Ms. Kathy's husband's earnings go into an account controlled by her to which he has no access or information. He is on a very limited allowance. (He had spent thousands of dollars seeing a professional dominatrix before she discovered his misbehavior and decided to take over that role in his life. She apprenticed herself to the dominatrix to learn how to do it.)

In, the wife also controls the finances in a similar way, but her husband is told what she decides to tell him about them.

Also, look at the rules in WifeSpanks. There he is on daily and weekly limits.

Anonymous said...

FYI, here is the complete list from WifeSpanks:

1. The master bedroom belongs to me, and you will leave if I tell you to.

2. The master bathroom belongs to me, and you will NEVER use it and may not even enter it except to clean.

3. You will sit down to pee at all toilets. No more splashing! You will post a sign above the toilets in our house that reads: “Males are expected to sit down to keep from splashing on the seat.”

4. You will do all housework without complaint and on time.

5. You will perform oral sex upon demand.

6. You will not request oral sex. You can look forward to a BJ on your birthday, but you will eat your cum.

7. You may not orgasm without permission.

8. You may only masturbate in front of me and with my permission. Violation of this rule could result in application of a chastity device.

9. You will do what you are told in the bedroom.

10. You will not complain when I go out with my friends.

11. You will submit to spankings and other punishments whenever I say you have earned them.

12. You will make all of your finances and assets available to me, except for already existing investments designated for your children.

13. You will not spend more than $100 in any single day, or $500 in a week, without my permission.

14. Any time spent by you in activities outside the home must be approved by me.

15. You will do whatever I tell you to do, immediately and without complaint.

16. You will strip naked whenever told to do so.

17. Your clothing must be approved by me.

18. You are expected to be respectful to ALL women at ALL times.

19. You agree that all major decisions shall be made by me, including car and house purchases, moving, job change, deciding to have children, etc.

20. You agree that all violations of these rules will be met with severe corporal punishment.

Mistress.Slave said...

Just started a similar blog with our contract as well....Take a peek....we have same issues with work and children so we expanded things that he can do while at work...via text. It keeps him and the femdom experience going. Check out contract at:
let us know what you think. Most is standard but the "commands" are different