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    3 years ago

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday Weekend

I was so happy to have my husband locked up on his trip away from home.  It is nice to think that I have nothing to worry about.  He can't cheat on me and he can't masturbate.  Honestly, the control over him even when apart is very hot to me.

Tonight, I was able to celebrate my birthday with my closest girlfriends at a nice restaurant in town.  While I don't usually drink, I had a few glasses a wine with lots of great conversation and things to eat. 

The fun continues tomorrow night as my husband arranged for a party with a few other friends of ours.  I have told him that it is my plan to get him drunk, milk him through the ass and have my way with him. 

We were talking through the latest poll where having him pee himself won.  I'm not sure how we will do that but I will figure it out.  Having him wait another week for an orgasm is possible as we really need the Emla creme for him to be all he can be for me.  When we talked about him staying naked when around me, he agreed to do that if I want it.  I misunderstood and thought he said that he would do that at the party tomorrow night.  He quickly corrected me and said 'no way' in front of friends and business colleagues but offered to do it if we had friends of similar interests in the lifestyle if I wanted that.  That answer surprised me.  This might mean a whole different type of dinner party down the road.  We will see.  For now, we should have fun tomorrow.  More to follow.


Anonymous said...

I suggest having him drink lots of water and spend quality time licking You. Then when you are satified ask him into the bath tub on his back and have him pee on himself and tell you how much he loves You and would do anything for You. Then while in the tub remove the device so he can shave his (Your) cock balls and ass and rest of body.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Without that creme, I think a long milking followed by a cock ring, string wrapped tightly around the balls, a condom with desensitizing gel in it and a stern warning might do the trick.

Tell him if he cums while in you, it is his last real orgasm for the year. That should keep him focused.