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    3 years ago

Friday, May 28, 2010

5th Night in a Row - Perfect Ruined Orgasm

Last night was the 5th night in a row of teasing on my husband.  As you will see from the pictures here, I believe that I am perfecting the ruined orgasm. 

As I teased him, he kept getting closer and closer to orgasm with each tease.  He then had the smallest drop of clear fluid on his penis.  I told him that was it.  He looked at me and asked politely if I would give him a ruined orgasm.  I then proceeded to tease him for a few more minutes.  As he said he was cumming, I pulled away completely.  I was really concerned that he would cum everywhere.  I did not want him to cum as I am saving that for fun this weekend. 

He  able to hold back the orgasm.  One big white drop came out and about a minute later this larger amount came out.  It was so hot as it was thick and hung on his cock.  I had him recycle his mess as you all have suggested and we went to sleep. 

More tonight.  I am loving this.


whatevershesays said...

Your husband is so lucky!!!

Anonymous said...

You are doing great so far with the ruined orgasm, I think you should keep giving him a ruined orgasm for the next week also don't stop at a week make him go two weeks with a ruined orgasm then he will be more reseptive when he can actually have an orgasm while he gets nside of your pussy.

Anonymous said...

Keep teasing him. No real orgasms. This is great!

ALL HERS said...

My wife keeps me horny and hard for 6 weeks before I am allowed any chance of cumming. It depends on my behavior towards her for the past 6 weeks, if my housework was done to her high standards, if I bought her a nice gift, and if I have taken her out shopping and suggested some clothing items for her.

During my 6 weeks, she will play with "her" cock and balls every morning before we get up. I wear my own panties 24/7 and the feeling of being gently stroked and rubbed thru the nylon is wonderful. I must service her orally 2 to 3 times a week so she is never horny, only me.

If after 6 weeks, if she feels that she is ready to grant me the privledge of cumming, it can be done several ways. First, for very good behavior, I am allowed into her for maybe 10 to 15 strokes. I am allowed to cum during those strokes, but I must pull out and shoot into a plastic cup I must keep nearby. She doesn't like the mess in her. If I haven't cum within those amount of strokes she has allowed me, I must pull it out and wait several weeks.

Other times she will only allow me a ruined orgasm. With the head of "her cock" sticking out from my panties, she will rub only "her balls" until the feeling is so intense I begin to buck and thrust and some cum begins to escape. Then she stops rubbing. Not once does she stroke "her cock", only "her balls". This is so frustrating, and I always end up hornier than when I started.

I do wear a CB 6000 chastity device after 3 weeks, and always after a teasing session like one described.

If I have annoyed her or not pleased her in ANY way, I do not get any teasing. She just says that I lost my chance and I have to re-earn it in 6 weeks. That makes 12 weeks without cumming, and it happens quite a bit. She feels that a man should not cum more than 10 times a year, and says now that she thinkd 6 to 8 times is better. It is now May 28th, and she has only allowed me to cum 2 times so far in 2010. I am due next week. I am trying to be so good, but she will not give me any idea if she will give me her privledge. Even with good behavior she has extended my wait time several times, adding an additional week or two, because as she says, "I own you and I can do what I want. If I say you will wait another 2 weeks, you will." So I stay locked up and so very horny I sometimes can't stand it. But this life of WLM is mutual, and I was the one who started this with my wife 6 years ago. We are both 58, the children are gone which gives her alot of opportunities to tease me around the house, and be very dominant. She has really embraced her new role since I asked her to begin a WLM 6 years ago. I can't belive how good she has gotten at it. She has learned all about teasing from experimenting on me.

Punishments are given out by her occasionally. Her favorite is to have me wash all of our floors on my hands and knees, and we have a very large downstairs with several hundred large tiles. Also corner time for 2 hours or so. I must strip naked and go into her study, and stand in a corner while she works on her computer , reads, or watches tv. She will also make me clean the 640 small tiles on the floor of our large shower area using only a new toothbrush. This takes hours. She doesn't believe in spanking or whipping, she says I would enjoy it too much ( we did it in the past and she is right). She feels that mundane, boring but useful housework is best, and for it to be done in the most uncomforable, longest, and time consuming way is most effective as a punishment. Needless to say, we have the cleanest tiles in New York. The littlest thing I do wrong leads to big punishments. Even when I am done cleaning, she still adds several hours of corner time.

We have the best WLM I could imagine. And do you know what?? I wouldn't change a thing!!!!

Another One said...

I would say your husband is lucky too, but that's too obvious.

What strikes me about your posts is how thoroughly YOU are enjoying the entire relationship now. You aren't doing the teasing only and solely because he likes it. You are getting your own enjoyment out of it, which is what is really driving the car, so to speak.

Good to hear how happy you are with your relationship!!

Miss Christina said...

What I would like to know, is how YOU feel while teasing him like this?

How does it make YOU feel when you see him there, struggling to refrain from cumming or for demanding more as you get him more and more horny and needy and on the edge?

How do YOU feel when you see him fucking the air, fighting it will all he has, trying so hard to please you?

Your posts often turn me on because of how well you are using your property, but I also sometimes wish I knew more about how it feels for you?

The other me said...

Wow! I've just found this blog and I am so jealous!! Keep up the good work.