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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Beginning of a Teasey Week

Paris Hilton 
As much as I enjoy teasing my husband, life gets in the way at times.  He is working on numerous opportunities at present and sometimes has trouble during the day focusing on playtime.  All I want is one hour a day.  On Monday that wasn't too much of a problem although he went limp after a short period of intense stimulation with the jackhammer of a back massager.  I think part was the massager and the other part was his distractions.  As per usual, I will leave it to him to fill in the details on his side of the blogs.  Today he was distracted which made it difficult to get him into the right headspace.  I did a little tease but did  not let him out of the cage.

Tomorrow, I expect a better day of play as well as Thursday.  Friday our child comes home early so I'm not sure if he will be able to get the attention and orgasm that is available to him on that day...sometimes.

I am seeing an increase in couples that are living like us visiting me on the blog.  The Yahoo IM is a great way for me to meet those who want to chat one-on-one.  I really hope that the men here who are afraid to share this fantasy with their wives will take the leap and invite them to visit.  I am 100% sincere when I say that this dynamic has made our relationship stronger than ever.  

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mainesub said...

MIstress, I just found your blog and found it quite interesting. When time permits I will read and comment more. I hope you will do the same and review my site as well.

As reccoment forverhers which you can link to from my comments as well as Lady Greys. Both wonderfully written blogs by dommes.

I look forward to your comments. Both myself and the domes from the baout mentioned sites comment frequently on each others blogs and I know I speak for both of them that we would love another womens point of view.