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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going Green - Beginning a Recycling Program

Well, the 50% or more poll is closed after 75 votes - thank you for chiming in.  My husband "won" or lost depending on your perspective the requirement to recycle his orgasms.  He is now stacked up with strap-on play and a recycling program.  The strap-on play is coming as soon as I'm completely clear of the visit of my little friend.  As for the recycling program, I wonder if this is what he had in mind?

I just read his post of today's activities.  He can expect a lot more of that.  I wonder when he will begin begging.  He did offer to cum for me today.  Isn't that sweet?  I doubt he offered for my viewing pleasure given how he was squirming around.

Oh, beginning next week, we are both starting a serious diet program.  He was willing to start today but I need to get myself mentally psyche up to do it.  Right now, I'm not there.  Some of it is seeing pictures from my old home country - it is very sad what has happened in Cuba.  The place is nothing like what I remember.  Well, it is only 35 years older with no maintenance.  The Castros have to go if the people are ever to have real lives.  I saw pictures from the grocery store which was selling black moldy bread.  Without family support, the people are starving, eating rotten food and struggling to get the amazing healthcare that the doctors can provide.  Rumours are that Castro had various organs of two teenagers carefully implanted in him.  They killed two teenagers trying to escape the island and used their organs to save him.  True or no?  I don't know.  Seeing how robust he is and how evil he is toward the people, I would not doubt it.

That is off topic from what this blog is about but some of you want to know what I think and there you go.

Here is the type of picture I know so many of you prefer.  I'm in the mood to take pictures so tell me what you want to see.


LockedLaura said...

I have been assured that with proper Pavlovian techniques I can be inspired to beg for a taste.

-Please re-work the poll for demographics so we can multi-select, a single vote doesn't give much spread.

KeyholderWife said...

Thanks, LockedLaura - it is reset.

Care to share on your Pavlovian techniques?

LockedLaura said...

Good Morning KeyHolderWife,

So far my Pavlovian response seems to be happening to her voice. She calls on the phone and my blood pressure spikes. I feel alive and my poor trapped member struggles against its cruel cage.

She came over to my place yesterday for cleaning and inspection and I was so nervous I couldn't manage an erection in my brief window of freedom. Yea she was using a crop on me during, but still.

At least I have an idea of when my next moment of freedom will will be when we swap in the steel locking post.


jeminfla said...

Per your directive for picture requests, I'd love to see a pic of your sexy foot dripping with his cum....especially knowing that he would be cleaning it off right after the photo. Vicarious heaven for me!

KeyholderWife said...

I plan on doing that for his next orgasm. The soonest that might be is a week from now. I will be sure to photograph it for you and post it.