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    2 years ago

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm leaving him out of the cage this weekend.  If you look at his blog, you will see why.  I think a little time after the orgasm is safe, especially after all of the teasing last week.  It seems to me that it tired him out physically.  He will need to get in better shape to be able to handle this level of fun.

As for me, the Friday fun tweaked my neck and back again.  As such, I am just resting it to try and get it better.  We are going to start dieting and exercise much more soon.  I have gotten lazy on it which relates back to him and even our child.

People always want to hear about the emotional parts so I will do some here.  We are honestly closer than ever as a couple.  I am feeling a bit more adventurous in our play time as each thing we do is the type of thing that excites me.  I get foot rubs whenever I want which is great and cements the control parts that I really like as well as feeling very good.  I think the next things I want to add to our fun is wax play and a strap-on.  I'm still thinking about the online broadcast.  It might not be this week, probably the following one.  I say this as Friday is probably the only day that we can do it.  If we are going to do it, I think I need to be certain on the date and time in case people really want to watch it.

Oh, have good thoughts for my husband - he is trying to get a few businesses started with different people he knows.  If the jobs are not coming, it seems even better if he can start something himself.


Anonymous said...

I see that your husband is now out of his chastity deviice. There is something to be said for having him on the honor system. My wife had me in a cb 6000 for 2 years, only allowing me to orgasm after 6 weeks at the earliest. Yes, I also had some physical problems with being confined for very long periods, even though I was let out once a week for cleaning and her playtime.

But she started to feel that the CD was an artificial method of controlling my orgasms. If we really had a WLM (which we do), then her telling me that I am not allowed to cum without her permission is all that is needed. And she is so right (as usual). She has said that I will still have to wait 6 to 10 weeks for an orgasm, but now I must be the one to control my orgasm, not the CB 6000. It is more demanding naturally. She has said that if I do cum without permission, I will have to wait 6 months for an orgasm. Second offense, the end of our WLM since it is based on trust and doing what she says. It can't be both ways she said. I must worship, adore, pamper and most importantly, obey her. So she felt that her telling me not to cum is sufficient. It was much easier with the CD, erections were difficult and the temptation was never there. Now it is up to me to show my wife that I always will obey her!

Anonymous said...

I love your story.