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    2 years ago

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Tagged Property

Look at the nice clear picture from his iPhone.  You almost feel like you are there.  We will see what fate has in store for him tomorrow.  He has a busy day so I don't know if there will be time for me to distract him.  It might be best for him to wait until Thursday, Friday or possibly next week.

This goes to show you that being caged for three weeks without release doesn't make it difficult to be hygenic.  He cleans and grooms - it just takes a little more effort.

As for me, I am definitely feeling better today - not 100% but much closer.  My back remains stiff while the headaches that were giving me, well, headaches are gone.  The next thing I need to do is start exercising again.  With our child off and all the turmoil in our lives, I just didn't have the energy to do it.  Now I know I need to - for my health as well as to get back into shape.

More tomorrow...

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mysster said...

is there a good explanation somewhere for how hygiene is kept?

some problems would seem to be likely.