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    3 years ago

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween is Coming

The couple that we met over lunch a while back asked us if we would go to a Halloween Party at the dungeon club that they like to go to.  This was suggested as everyone would have on a mask so it would be the easiest night to actually visit a club like that and not feel too uncomfortable.  While that sounds like a lot of fun in my head, the reality of actually going to a place like that would be difficult.  It would have lots of naked or nearly naked people - something neither of us have ever done.  The eroticism in the mind is different than dragging the body to a place like that.  Then again, we would be anonymous and it would be something different to try.  Then again, I am overweight and a bit self conscious right now.  Besides all of that, I am a clean freak and a bunch of sexually charged naked people kind of gross me out.  I feel like I could get a disease if I sit down.  I know I overthink these things but I've gone this far in life without a disease, why risk it now when I am happily married and enjoying what we do in the confines of our own home.

So do we go?  Have some of you gone before?  I cannot imagine the conversations.  Or is it all roleplay?  Does it look like either of these pictures online?  Do I want strangers "bumping" against me like that?


Jonathan said...

If it's anything like the parties we have around here, they'll rent a banquet hall, set up some play furniture, configure lights and music for the best mood, bring in a few vendors, give away some prizes, and maybe staff a snack/soft drink bar or a bottle check. You bring some guests and maybe some toys, meet other people in the lifestyle to various degrees much like yourself, socialize, watch people play and maybe comment to your table mates, maybe take your sub up to a play station and flog him while onlookers look on, and if you're amenable someone'll let you flog their sub or want to whip yours. Cleaning supplies are provided for before and after use of public equipment.

In most places in the US, certain things (like bare genitalia/nipples and sexual stimulation of any sort) aren't permitted by law at public parties. Clothing coverage levels can range from thongs and electrical tape on the nipples to full-coverage bizarre fetish and anywhere in between, depending on the event's dress code. "All black clad" is often allowed as a reasonable minimum; if you don't want to get too costumed up, start with a leather skirt and see where in your wardrobe that takes you. (Teacher/student? Got a hickory stick? :) ) Don't feel too shy about "being overweight"; the distribution of body types mostly resembles what you'll see in the general public. If you were going to a private party and they did allow bare genitalia, it would be the perfect excuse to show up in a latex catsuit. :) Also, explicit consent is taken very seriously at such parties and "no" is enforced by the dungeon masters, so you needn't worry too much about skeevy behavior.

Do go and have fun and make some new friends!

jeminfla said...

My Mistress and I used to frequent clubs when we lived in the big city (alas, we live in small town USA now and have to travel 2 hrs for such fun). Our trepidations were the same as yours at first, but once you go you realize these places are just like vanilla clubs in many ways. Most places have areas segregated for the sex play, so you could go all night and not see a naked body if you choose. As far as cleanliness, I submit that sex clubs are cleaner, by far, than any vanilla nightclub. I've worked in nightclubs during the day doing repairs, and what I've seen convinced me to never sit down at a club again. The sex clubs are very attuned to cleanliness--after all, a bad rap means lost customers!
Go, experience, watch all you want and play if you're moved to do so. You won't regret it!

ivo said...

Hi the picture you place down right is from Barcelona. I visit sometimes (when I can) and never one bite me. Only one time, a woman not understand NO, but quickly solved for the owner.