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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Latest Poll and the Week Ahead

Looking at the poll results so far, I think my husband will be relieved.  At present, none of the choices exceed 50% so it will remain my choice as to which, if any, he has to do...unless the results change over the next few days.

As for us, my monthly visitor is just getting ready to leave so other than a little reminder tweak or two, he has to wait until tomorrow for some intimate time.  I think he thinks that means sex...which he is correct...but will so many dildoes now, who knows if the real thing will get out of lock down.  There is a lot for me to try out so he may need to wait for his chance.   I am enjoying the constant foot rubs.

I'm also going to add one more poll as I'm curious who reads this blog most.  Male or female, married or single.  I won't do it just now - I'll wait until this poll is closer to done.


Anonymous said...

If you want him to be a slut give him a dildo and tell him he can cum as much as he wants.

Anonymous said...

Never let him cum as much as he wants. You want him to be submissive, right? The hornier he gets, the more submissive he wil also get. Tease and deny is the best thing a wife can do to her husband. Make him wait longer than ever before. Set new records once or twice a year.