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    2 years ago

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tested Teasing Outdoors

I did a short test of the restraints today.  As you can see, each foot was attached to a hook that pulled against wristcuffs.  He wasn't bound too tightly for this first try as I wanted to see how it worked.  If he was stretched more, his hand would be that the angles of 10 and 2 on the clock and his legs would be a little more apart.  For this first tease, I pulled up a chair in front of him and played with his body using ice.  I stuck one in his ass and worked them all around his nipples.  I then took a handful and jerked him off with ice.  My other hand iced the area of his balls and behind them as well.  As he had a drop of precum on his cock before we ever started, he was close to orgasm fairly quickly.
To cool him down, I tried pushing a small piece of ice into his peehole.  He leaned forward against the restraints trying to kiss me.  I let him for a while but it always seemed that he couldn't keep that position for long as he would very quickly get to the edge of orgasm.  He was under strict instructions to warn me way before he was going to lose control.  He was good about that and we were able to avoid any mistakes.  As I only had about 30 minutes to do anything today, after about three edges, I took him to the bathroom where he put the cage back on.  

Tomorrow, we will start earlier so that I have plenty of time to make him desperate.  I want to see if he will moan the way he does in the bedroom when I get him that close.  He says that he doesn't want the neighbors looking over the wall so he will have to control himself.  I will do my best to test that.  Afterwards, I might go in the pool with him and let him serve me there.  My pictures were not the best - hopefully, I can take better ones tomorrow.  I expect that many of you want something of least the men reading this...the women probably prefer this, no?  I will see if anything suitable is available to share.  


sissyserge said...

Dear Miss, i found this a very exciting post!! Love Your outdoor tease and can't wait to see more!! Being a sissy that worships the Female body, i would indeed love to see more of You, but it is not up to me to ask.

Maddy said...

Well done. It is good to see David in his rightful position and you look to have mastered the rope sequence in the restraint very well. His bottom is adorable. I hope that you applied some tidy strokes to it whilst he was under your control.
The use of the ice was interesting. You keep telling me things I had not thought of.
I am so stimulated by your writing that I think that I will give my own Robert a little bit of teasing tonight, after the whipping which he needs for using his mobile phone whilst driving.
A woman’s work is never done when it comes to naughty husbands as I am sure you will agree.