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    2 years ago

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Marathon

If you want to read the details of what I did with my husband today, go to his blog by clicking here.

About two hours after we were done, he sent me this picture of his caged friend by iPhone.  Don't you just love the nice deep red that he has?  Much nicer than that pale skin on his leg.  He should thank me because I got his circulation going good down there.

I'm not done either.  He needs more tomorrow.  The woman who we met in person gave me some good ideas in getting husband's to be the types we are looking for.  I won't say it here as someone is reading this who I don't want to know my plans.  Here is the thing that I think many people seem to do wrong in my mind.  There should be no milkings.  If you let them release the semen, they are not as on edge.  The ruined ones are nice because a little gets out and then the rest is dealt with by the body.  You also need to wait long enough on orgasms so that they learn what it means to be a good submissive husband.  Start with a week then ten days then two weeks.  Look at mine, I have him up to about a month between them.  So you know, I love the feel of him inside me but I think this makes everything between us more interesting.

As for my feelings on all of this, I think it is extremely hot to be able to tease your man and bring him pleasure in a way that he brings you even more pleasure.  It keeps the relationship close and him paying so much more attention to me.  If I just brush him or do the smallest tease, he is all over me.  That is the way I remember it when we were teenagers.  I recommend to women out there to try this and don't listen to their whining.  Eventually, they will be like mine and accept and enjoy the attention you are giving them.  Anyone reading this site desires that at some level.   Even today after nearly an hour of teasing and while I was teasing him I said to him that I thought that he liked what I was doing to him more than if I gave him an orgasm.  He agreed so I gave him even more teasing.

Another great thing that has come form this is that he gets exercise while I tease.  He pulls and strains at the rope.  That is resistance training.  The contractions in his pelvic area are a great form of stomach crunch.  At points while I was teasing him, most of his body was quivering while he was standing.  What a fun form of exercise.  I can't wait for tomorrow.

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PateInduced said...

This deserves a comment! This post is my prime fantasy!!@!

Does he convulse, nearly double over, and jerk uncontrollably? My partner is too sympathetic after a session that leads to spastic reactions.....