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    3 years ago

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

His Wednesday Tease

Second day in a row of some pretty intense teasing of my husband.  As usual, I will leave it to him to talk about the details.  The short version is that I used the strapless strap-on by hand today while I had him tied up outside.  He was on the edge of orgasm that way but I didn't let it happen - I just kept him right at that point.  We went inside and I did an awful lot more teasing before putting him back in the cage.   I am guessing it was at least two solid hours if not more.

I really like the glazed out of it look I was able to get this afternoon.  He was just in another place.  I'll do some more tomorrow and see what he is like after that.  

I must tell you that it is very hot to have this kind of control over him.  I'll write more after his post tomorrow.

PS: I am surprised by the number of men reading this.  I thought I would have more women.  That is fine though.  I love having the followers.


LockedLaura said...

Good Morning KeyHolderWife,

I wouldn't say I am surprised by the number of men with an interest. This is not that uncommon a fantasy. What I am somewhat heartened by is that more than half (23/38) of the readers have successfully entered into a FLR.

Sounds to me like he had an excellent Wednesday.
I remain 9 hrs 32 min behind hubby in chastity,

Subhub said...

Good Morning KeyHolderWife

It is amazing what a simple orgasm control can do to a husband. I would love to hear more about what he does around the house to please you and also if the balance of ur relationship is changing because of his chastity.
Also I would love some pics of ur heels on his cock teasing :-)

Satisfied Wife said...

The less a husband orgasms, the better he is. It is a no brainer----don't let him orgasm very much. Keeping a husband on edge is the best thing a wife can do for their relationship. I am going to only allow 5 next year, this year he will have a total of 6 orgasms if he continues to behave until December 31st. And maybe only 3 in 2012. He is so appreciative of each one, I just love the control I have over him.

All of my friends say that he is the model husband and always ask me or him how I trained him so well. I have shared my method with 2 of my closest friends. To the others I say, "someday I'll write a book with all of the methods explained". This really gets their interest going.

We are on the honor system. I read last year on a site that in a FLM/WLM there must be trust and obedience on his part otherwise their is no relationship. Very interesting I thought. So off came the chastity device. We only use it maybe once every 2 weeks, just to show that it is my cock and balls, not his anymore.

Life is very good with a husband who is willing (and really wants to) pamper, obey, adore and worship me. I get my orgasms on demand, and like you, enjoy teasing and denying him. But make no mistake, he wants this also, he approached me with this marriage concept 5 years ago. Like other I was hesitant, but went along with it because it sounded like a win win situation. It did take about a year to start getting comfortable ordering him around and administering some punishments for his bad behavior. And it seemed so strange to have him ask me to tease him and then delay his orgasms for a month or 2,(now longer), he always wanted one every week. So, like the good wife that I am, I said I would try it for awhile. Now there is NO going back.