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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday & a Fantasy

All that happened today was that I teased him a little bit.  Last night he was begging me for a little teasing.  As I wasn't feeling good, I told him 'no' firmly and told him to go to sleep.  I suppose at 20 days he is getting a bit horny.  As that isn't much of a post, I will share a fun fantasy of mine...

The idea of two straight men in a quirky competition to see who can avoid going soft or having an orgasm.  To start, they already need to be very horny.  The fantasy part to me is that they have to handle each others' cocks instead of their own.  That means that you don't want the other person to go soft or orgasm.  If they do, the loser is the one who let the other person fall or orgasm.  The punishment would need to be something that neither wants at all.  Not sure what that would be but I'd think of something good.

Katy Perry (?)
So now they need to keep each other up.  Maybe I add a blindfold so that they can do it easier or can't use their vision to tell when the other one is close to orgasm.  Now if one started to orgasm, I think the other would let go and a ruined orgasm would follow.  There is the reward for winning.

I think the way they would keep each other hard is by masturbating, right?  Isn't that what men like?  What if the competition goes a while and masturbating isn't enough to keep the cock hard?  Does the possible loser take stronger measures like sucking or licking the cock? 

I told this to a sub online.  He thought that this was emasculating.  Maybe it is.  Maybe this is the kind of fantasy a Female Dominant likes for just that reason.  I'm not sure as I haven't analyzed myself.

If there is a more adventurous couple out there that tries this, please email me or post your comments here.  I'd love to know what happens in real life.

Now that I know we can put video in here, here is one by one of my favorite female singers - Grace Jones, "Corporate Cannibal""


Anonymous said...

interesting game. But how about the same game where two husbands are being teased by the other husband's wife? As a man, I would prefer that to being masturbated by another man.

Her Guy said...

Or another scene. Two men and each has the end of one piece of cord attached to his balls. The men then must do a tug of war using only their balls with their hands tied behind their back. A line is put down and each man must pull using his balls on the other guys balls. Loser gets whipped by the women watching.

My wife actually saw a movie of this at a bachlorette party. The women loved it she said. They were trying to match each others boyfriends and husbands, guessing who would win. It may happen some day she says!

Mistress Lin and slave tony said...

ok...that competition is HOT...soooo now want to do that when we meet :)