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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Beaver

This isn't the sexiest post as the last 36 hours have been spent taking care of a kid with a bad fever.  Between that and getting caught up on housework, I was just really busy.  Sorry if the title was misleading.

I have my husband back in the cage.  That is good as he has been beyond busy.  Interestingly, the assholes that let him go at his last job are now looking for his help to save their failing business.  I hope those c*#@ksuckers lose their shirts.  For those new to the blog, go back a few months, the May/June area to see the junk they put us through.  With my husband having landed with a strong company, they are trying to use him and the company to save theirs.  I've told my husband not to even talk to these pricks as they can't be trusted.  He seems to like to waste his time with them though.  At the end, I think he will just play with them like the cat but I dislike all of them as they harm those around them to serve their personal interests - not even the company.

My child's fever is finally broken.  I think today will be the first day she hasn't had it in almost five days!  What a weird illness.  Fever and cold.  It his a good chunk of her class.

I will try and write something more stimulating today or tonight.  As I started posting daily, I didn't want to go too far and not post a note.  Thank you for following this.  I feel like we are building a little community here.  Maybe someday I can figure out a way for you all to meet each other - many very nice and interesting people here.

Okay, here is a video that is just very silly but goes with today's theme:


Jonathan said...

Having worked with such companies in the past, I'm going to have to side with your husband on this one, especially if he can, with plausible deniability and complete lack of legal culpability, bring their whole ship crashing down without harming anyone but the management.

Anonymous said...

He should be good at cat and mouse games big smile


ChasteBoy said...

<3 primus.

well you know one day that beaver tried to leave her so she tied it up with cyclone fence!
do do do, do do do do do, do do do, do do do do
do do do, do do do do do, do do do, do do do do

(that was the guitar, by the way.)